Sky3DS+ (SKY3DS+) Orange Buttons


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Annoucning the 2nd generation of Sky3DS that is more powerful and flexible than before, SKY3DS+

Sky3DS+ Features:

  • All the functionality of the previous Sky3DS Blue Button
  • Two orange buttons to switch games forward and backward
  • No DISKWRITER needed. Drag and Drop files
  • Compatible with 3rd party hombrew
  • AP checked solved
  • Firmware updatable via USB port
  • gamelist.bin file needed from Sky3DS website to increase and improve compatibility (Newest games may need to wait for new gamelist.bin file to work or play properly)

Comes with :

  • Sky3DS+ Orange Button Edition
  • You will need to use a Windows machine to write files to your Micro sd card.

Sky3DS+ is a hardware hack. It will NOT make the console region free. There are some software hacks that can work in conjunction with it like Region4


Sky3DS+ Sky3DS+ USB Port Sky3DS+ Front Sky3DS+ Back



Works on 3Ds, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS and New 3DS XL. Works all the way up to 11.1.0-34 firmware (e, u, j, k etc)

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